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Driver Education

Behind-the-Wheel is a 7 day14 period long evaluation and training consisting of 7 periods of observation and 7 periods of driving. Each period last approximately 50 minutes.


If a student successfully passes the road test, meets all requirements, and is permitted by a legal guardian, the student will be issued a 180 day Temporary Provisional Driver's License.


Driver Rehabilitation

Driver Assessments consist of a Clinical and Behind-the-Wheel assessment of the individual's ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.

The Clinical assessment evaluates the physical, cognitive, visual, and perceptual skills involved in vehicle operation.

The Behind-the-Wheel portion evaluates the integration and application of the skills tested in the clinical assessment while driving in a vartiet of environments, including residential, city, and highway traffic.


Fee's are available upon request




Results are discussed with the participant and, if permitted, with a friend or family member. A complete evaluation report will be sent to your referring physician.At the conclusion clients will either be recommended for contintued driving or for driving retirement.If necessary, a prescription for adaptive vehicle equipment is provided, along with contact information for local mobility equipment vendors.


Please feel free to contact us regarding driving rehabilitation pricing information.


Email:capitaldriverrehab@gmail.comPhone: 866-247-6467

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